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From the desk of Chairman

Education is not merely reading, writing or learning, It has its separate definition created by individuals on their own.

As per our old belief, there is no letter which doesn't have charm. There is no root which doesn't haVe charm There is no man who is not able but there is so rare a person who knows its proper application.

‘Definitely every one has something special but they always need some one as a guide to bring it in their cautions

For a meaningful and rewarding education it is absolutely essential that the institute and parent work together in unison to bring resonance in the developement process of the child. The environment at home provided by the parent through their regular interaction in parenting style like talking to them about school, encouraging them to do their home work, understanding them about the value of time andl completing the right task at right time and place etc. help the student most in learning. So, pull-up the socks parentstudent-teachers, We are there to assist in building future of our young brains.

All the Best for your betterfuture...

From the desk of principal

“See for the highest,
Aim at that highest,
And you shall reach,
the highest” ..... Swami Vivekanand.

Dear Parents,
Thank you for choosing Alpha International School for your child, A school committed to give its students a solid foundation in a Nurturing environment with a pleasurable learning

The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of its citizens. The quality of its citizens depends not exclusively but in critical measure upon the quality of their education. The quality of their education depends, more than upon any other single factor, upon the quality of their teachers, Teachers are the back bone of our schools. But what do we mean by a school ? Is it a building ? An assembly line ? Results ? Activities ? Ora living organism ? School is a network of relationships with is stake holders resulting in effective and productive synergy conducive to the holistic growth of students. And we at Alpha International are constantly working on that for getting the best of your children